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Caribbean Bliss Mockup
Caribbean Bliss
Caribbean Bliss
OLD Menu - Front and Back
OLD Menue - Inside

Caribbean Bliss
Direct Mail Menu

I received a menu for this restaurant in the mail, and I wanted to redesign it to be more legible and clean. The bottom two photos show what it is originally like. It came on a folded letter size paper and I found it has a lot of extra unneeded information, such as prices for everything, and repeating information like the size of dish.


I redesigned it to fit on a half letter size paper by eliminating much of the repeating information. It is now much cleaner and easier to read, the colours fit the cool calming Caribbean vibe, and the photos are not extremely pixelated. In addition, I illustrated their logo again since it was very poor quality on the direct mail, as well as anywhere online that I could find it.

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