Final Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetic Leg Process Book Cover

Prosthetic Leg Process Book

Prosthetic Leg Process Book Spread

Prosthetic Leg Process Book Spread

Hobbs' Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetic Leg Close Up

Prosthetic Cat Leg

Our 3rd year studio class at NSCAD was tasked with developing a prosthetic leg for a real cat named Hobbs who was missing part of his foot. Working with three other students, my group went for a simple approach. We designed a sock-like prosthetic made of silicone with foam inside. The idea is that it would be available to purchase in packs of three, and would be the cheapest option. They would get dirty or lost, but they are not a large initial investment, and are light for Hobbs to wear. It is wrapped on with athletic or vet tape and stays on quite well—we tested it on another cat! As a selling point, it would also be available in different colours and graphic designs. I also designed and laid out our process book.

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Prosthetic Leg Process Book Spread