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Ocean Process 1
Ocean Process 2
Final Ocean Prototype - Front
Final Ocean Prototype - Back
Final Ocean Prototype - Standing
Ocean Value Money Chest

Wearable Ocean Education

As a group collaborative project, our task was to develop some sort of way for us to walk around and educate people on the value of the ocean. Our idea was to have a wearable sign with both a front and back, and one which could also stand on it's own when no one was wearing it.

We went through many iterations—the last 3 of which are displayed here. The first was figuring out the basic mechanics of how it could work. It was a challenge to think of how it would fold up for storage, be light and easy to wear, and also be able to stand on its own. The second prototype was a more "finalized" one at the time. For this one the front features questions that can be flipped up to reveal the answer beneath, and the prize of a chocolate coin would be given. The back of the wearable features scuba tanks—one full of money and country flags to demonstrate the importance of the ocean for our economy, and one displaying fish, coral and other sea creatures. The problem with this was it was very bulky, and many people would not be comfortable with the interaction on the front, as they would have to get too close to a stranger.

Our final design borrows the traditional deep sea diver imagery, and acts as a backpack. There is no front on it. The back of the board has a scuba tank created from vacuum formed plastic and displays the financial facts of the ocean. While not being worn, it can be set on the ground or a table as a sign by unvelcroing the bottom of the inner board. A treasure chest of chocolate coins with ocean facts on them would be carried as the wearer educates people about the ocean.

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