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Greeting Card for Inmates
Greeting Card for Inmates - Front
Greeting Cards for Inmates - Inside
Greeting Card for Inmates - Detail

Inmate Greeting Card

There are not too many greeting cards in the market to send to loved ones in prison. This was a collaboration between NSCAD and those working with the justice system, in order to produce cards which could be used. Quotes were taken from those in prison, and those who were affected by having someone they love in prison.

The quote I had was, "We are here loving you and praying for you, and keeping the candle lit until you come home." The dove imagery represents peace and love, and also has a religious symbolism. The front of the card shows the bird (the prisoner) trapped in the cage, but when the card is opened it shows the dove free and flying towards the candle lit window of home. The colours are bright in order to add some joy to their otherwise bland prison walls, as they are usually able to hang cards and papers up in their cell.

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