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Rio 2020 Logo
Rio Inspiration
Rio Medal Illustration
Rio Medal Drawings
Medal Plan View
Rio Medal Prototype
Rio Medal Angles

Rio 2020

From a logo to development of a gold medal, this project was to design for the hypothetical Rio 2020 Olympic Games. Taking inspiration from the olive wreath (prize given to winners during ancient Olympics) and the feathers of the extravagant wear during Rio Carnival, the form of the logo was formed. The colours of the Brazil flag were applied to it, as well as a red gradient in the middle to represent the Olympic Flame.

The gold medal was designed based upon the logo, and would feature blue, green and yellow coloured inset glass to act as the shaft of the feathers. A prototype was created using laser cut Acrylic and hand-cut high density foam to represent the basic shape and size of the medal.

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