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Everyone experiences stress at some point—some more than others. Because everyone is different, there are many various ways that one may deal with this stress. This project displays 10 different objects that could be used to cope with stress. These products range from being unhealthy items that may result in an addiction, to ones that may produce something spectacular. The best objects to use when feeling stressed or upset in any way are ones that could be used to create something positive out of a tough situation.

The objects are displayed here in pairs in each row, first showing the unhealthy options, and eventually getting to the healthiest.

The photographs are all composed the same way—displaying the order that one needs to maintain when stressed. At least, in my opinion, stress is caused when one has so much going on and no control over it. I wanted to show control with the placement of these products within the frame. If I am stressed, I feel better when I have things organized and planned out well. Without control, it could feel hopeless—also relating back to the dark shadows. If these photos were laid out in a magazine with one on every right hand page, they would all align to certain parts of the other image and flow together.

There are so many various ways of dealing with stress, and it is up to the stressed individual to decide how they will deal with it. Whether it will be in an unhealthy way or in a favorable way to their life is up to them. 

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