Vinyl 67 Vinyl
Record Subscription

As my graduating thesis project, I developed the concept and first prototype for a vinyl record subscription focused around Nova Scotian musicians. I combined my love of music, photography, and of course design.
All photographs used are my own photos shot at shows and concerts throughout 2017 and into 2018. In addition, I wanted to do something with print media as I am still a believer that it has the potential to offer a much more tangible and interactive experience than digital.

Supporting local music is essential when it comes to the survival of the music industry. They say you are never further than 67km from the ocean in Nova Scotia, and we do not even need to search that far to discover talent here. Vinyl Sixtyseven makes finding this music even easier.

From emerging to established musicians, Vinyl Sixtyseven is a vinyl record subscription that features local Nova Scotian talents delivered to your door every three months.

Included in every issue is a 12” coloured vinyl record featuring one song from ten different artists, spanning across multiple genres.
A Spotify playlist code is also included to be scanned, so the playlist can be listened to online and on the go. A 12x12 booklet highlights live performances of the musicians throughout 40+ pages of full colour and black and white photos, as well as reviews of the concerts. Photographic postcards are included to display in your home, collect, or share your new musical discoveries with others.

All of this is wrapped up in a 12” gatefold cover featuring a unique illustration or digital design. Each volume design theme shines the spotlight on a Nova Scotia county. The artwork for the issues within the volumes are inspired by a town, city or location in the highlighted county.

© 2018 by Shayla Obrigewitsch